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In November of 2009, I got some bad news. My blood pressure was dangerously high and my cholesterol was elevated. I decided then to fill my pantry with foods that would not only help prevent those issues from worsening but fight off the damage already done.
If you're anything like me, you LOVE to eat so my goal for this site is to turn my old recipes into healthy fulfilling meals while recreating new recipes into delicious foodies anyone can enjoy guilt free.

Getting Started...
Cut out ALL artificial and processed foods. This includes sugar substitutes and white flour, pastas and rice. All those prepackaged foods are filled with sodium and chemicals unnatural to the body which causes you to retain water and remain hungry. It kind of defeats that diet, huh?
Also, all of those so called "fat free" foods are just a companies fancy ways of saying, we removed all the good qualities of this product and filled it with crap just to appease the fat girl in you. Instead, replace those items with fresh or fresh frozen alternatives and add healthier snacks such as dried cranberries, some form of nuts, whole grain snack food options along with homemade snacks and foodies because homemade foodies, you know exactly what is present in your food.

Everyone needs to understand that fat in foods aren't bad if made in the right way and with the right types of fat. Fats high in omega's or monounsaturated Fats are good. Fat's such as saturated, trans or partially hydrogenated are bad. If you see these on your food product nutrition labels, put it back. There are other, much better and better tasting, options in your local grocers.
Don't be afraid of salt or sugar. Instead, learn what is and what is not okay for your body. Eating healthy doesn't mean cutting out all the foods that you love.
Eating healthy means understanding the affects of what you eat and what its nutritional value means for you. Every person is different so not every person is going to benefit from one single diet plan. Talk to your Doctor before starting any diet plan to find out what method of weight loss is best for you.


Caitlyn and Chad said...

Oh my gosh! You look GREAT! Are you coming to the Christmas Party in January?

The Holwerda Family said...

Thanks, Caitlyn!! I hadn't heard anything about a Christmas party in January. When is it?

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