Low Calorie, Shrimp Poor Boy with Fresh Corn Salsa

Whew!  The spicy Schezwan flat bread used for this is just the right wrap for these delicious poor boys.  The flat bread is a perfect combination between a tortilla and buttery biscuit for that great texture along with the heat and aromatic spices inside the wrap that add a whole new depth of flavor that ordinarily you would miss out on, using  those store bought and overly preserved or ironically  cardboard tasting wraps.  Flat bread recipe is at bottom of page.
Traditionally speaking,  a poor boy is conducted of a fried sea creature of some sort, topped with fresh ingredients such  as tomatoes, lettuce and some form of a pickled or mayonnaised up cabbage topping piled all on top of a thick roll such as a kaiser or hoagie bun, but since this IS a healthy recipe blog and all, I've had to switch some of the ingredients up.  In this case, I replaced the thick, OVER filling, not to mention less than healthy bread, roll or bun with this healthy alternative flat bread. NO frying of the sea creature is needed for these delicious sandwiches. I have also omitted the cabbage topping since there is just no real way of substituting the unattractive ingredients in those recipes without compromising the great flavors of the original recipes.  Instead I made a fresh corn salsa to go on top of these little gems. A flavor that compliments this sandwich very well. Enjoy! :)  Corn salsa recipe at bottom of page.

Makes 4 poor boys.
4 Schezwan flat bread
Corn salsa
Iceberg lettuce (and any other fresh veggie topping of your choice)
16 medium sized shell on Shrimp
1 green onions, sliced thin up to green tops.
1 tbsp olive oil
2 tbsp I Can't Believe It's Not Butter, LIGHT
2 tsp Garlic powder
dash of powder cayenne pepper

In large heated skillet, add olive oil and butter.  Toss in shrimp and green onions.  Stir occasionally until just beginning to turn pink then sprinkle with seasonings. Once shrimp begin to curl, remove from heat immediately to prevent over cooking.  Nothing worse, than a rubbery shrimp! When cooled to touch, remove shells and then prepare your sandwiches anyway you wish while making sure to pour any extra pan drippings over the top of each sandwich before serving. mmm.  

Corn Salsa Recipe:
1/2 cup frozen corn nibblets.
1/2 green onion, chopped fine.
2 tbsp minced green pepper
1 lemon, juice.
pinch of dried parsley
1 tsp salt.
Combine all ingredients in a small bowl, stir and set aside.  When the corn is thawed completely, it's done.

Spicy Schezwan Flat Bread:
3 cups whole wheat flour
2 tsp baking powder
2 tsp salt
1/2 cup I can't believe It's Not Butter, LIGHT
1/4 cup olive oil
3/4 APPROXIMATELY hot water
3/4 tsp ground ginger
2 tsp garlic powder, more if you like that sort of thing :)
1 tsp cayenne
1 tbsp cumin

In a large bowl, add all ingredients except the water., oil and butter.  Sift using a whisk to stir up the flour with the seasonings until well blended/incorporated.    Using the same wire whisk, cut the butter and oil into the dough before adding the hot water by small increments.
Using a wooden spoon, slowly add the water to the flour and stir until dough forms ball and pulls away from sides of bowl.  If dough is too loose or sticky, you'll have to start over as adding more flour at this point would only make the dough tough and chewy.  The dough should be soft but not too sticky.  Your finger should not be able to pull any dough away from a simple pressing.
Cover bowl and allow to rest for about an hour.  Pinch off several mounds of the dough and place off to the side, making sure to size these mounds uniformly for even cooking later. 
One by one, place each mound in your hand and kneed/roll dough around in your hand until you've formed a very well formed dough ball.  Repeat until you've done them all.  Allow each ball to rest for 20-30 minutes in a warm area before pressing out into bread.
Preheat flat top cooking area, med high heat. Using your hands or a rolling pin, roll out each flatbread to approximately 1/16" thick, about the thickness of a normal wrap or tortilla.  The heat will cause this dough to rise a little both from the butter and from the baking powder so it's not really possible to go too thin. Place on ungreased heated flat top and cook 2 minutes per side.

Dampen a cheese cloth and place in large ziplock plastic bag, When each bread is finished cooking, place inside the bag and seal it.  The steam from the heat of the flat bread, keeps them moist and soft until you're ready to use them.  :)


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